Vikram Sanghvi

Vikram Sanghvi has a mammoth experience of 23 long years in the jewellery industry. Born on 9th December 1976, he started his career working with reputed companies in the sales & marketing areas of the jewellery business and yet remains established firm footedly in this area. Having gained experience in distinct countries like India, Hong Kong, USA, Bangkok, Europe among others, he has primarily dealt with Luxury & Lifestyle products.

Jitendra Sanghvi

Mr. Jitendra Sanghvi, has an expertise of more than 25 years in the jewellery industry. He also has vast experience in the manufacturing of diamond-studded jewellery and has been actively worked with various large jewellery manufacturing and export houses like Sanghvi Exports substantiating his brilliant knowledge. He has explored various countries such as South Africa, U.A.E., Belgium, and Kenya.