Jewellery Care


Diamonds are a possession for a lifetime! If you possess one for yourself, make sure you take essential care and precautions to maintain your piece of jewellery, indeed for a lifetime.

Essential jewellery care tips:

  • Always remove jewellery while using soap or taking a bath. Remove all of your jewellery pieces before taking a wash. Soap and other cleansing products may form a film, dulling your jewellery after sometime.
  • Remove jewellery before household cleaning with chlorine or bleach based products.
  • Always apply perfumes, deodorants, cosmetics and creams before wearing jewellery. The chemicals in these products may harm the finish of the jewellery metals and luster of the stones
  • Never wear jewellery in swimming pools or hot tubs



Maintain your jewellery by:

  • Wiping the jewellery pieces after each use
  • Storing the jewellery in soft bags or pouches that prevent from abrasion
  • Clean the jewellery pieces with a mild solution made from warm water and mild detergent. Or else use a commercial cleaning product available in the market
  • Always use a soft tooth brush while cleaning