VIJISAN, known for their exclusionary, aesthetic designs…, luxury Jewellery… has launch their collection of Divine Jewellery.

There is a special and distinctive kind of bond between jewellery and human being. India is a vast land of different culture and this influenced the designs of jewellery too. We are introducing our distinct collection ‘DIVINE’ that works excellent to offer you peace, harmony and calm in your life.

DIVINE the name itself suggests that there is a connection with the god. It also means that extremely good or pleasing. Divine is to trust & faith in god’s unconditional love. The divine is the devotion of trust.

The Divine Mercy devotion is the merciful love of God and the desire to let that love and mercy flow through one’s own heart towards those in need of it.

We are appreciating the inventiveness and mastery of these sacred places of worship by providing range of divine jewellery to you. This collection defines the symbol of prosperity. The complete collection is made in such a way that no one can take their eyes off from the jewellery. On this season of festivals, we are trying to make it more special for you all. Here we are presenting and introducing to you our divine collection.

Spiritual and divine, a charm that will always keep you connected to your faith. Celebrate all this festivals and your happy moments with your family. In this beautiful collection we have Cross, Jesus, Kshama (Forgiveness), mother Mary, etc.


The Christian Cross, seen as a representation of the instrument of the crucifixion of Jesus, is the best-known symbol of Christianity. It is related to the crucifix (a cross that includes a usually three-dimensional representation of Jesus’ body) and to the more general family of cross symbols.

The long, sterling, beautiful golden, diamond studded cross pendant with crucified Jesus on it. This pendant symbolizes the unconditional love and blessings for your god. The beautiful pendant made from yellow gold chain that crates a fine knot & also defines the simplicity and the bond of love.


The sterling cross and praying hands are engraved below the cross and the diamonds are studded in such a way that it looks elegant and you cannot take your eyes off from the pendant.


Mother Mary pendant made from yellow gold with diamond studded looks stunning and it also shows mercy on us.


Allah..!!!!  The beautifully crafted allah written in diamond pendant.


This stylish Jesus pendant crafted in diamonds adorning this extravagant piece. This piece is masterfully designed. A lustrous finish will make you feel and look your best. The most elegant and meticulously crafted pendant. This diamond setting allows light to reverberate and bounce off each diamond allowing for maximum dispersion of light.


Spiritual and divine, a charm that will always keep you connected to your faith. Beautifully crafted, this high quality pendant features Jesus face with unique crown. Sparkling diamonds glisten on the hair and crown.


God’s love for their children never ends. KSHAMA, this diamond studded pendant symbolize the forgiveness and the mercy of the god.


Another kshama collection the rounded diamond studded pendant beautifully or elegantly crafted in yellow gold.


Famous Egyptian mummy of King Collection. This pendant is hand crafted with crystal Clear Round diamonds with highly polished metal glimmering thorough between the diamonds.