Vijisan is a company synonymous with exquisitely designed jewellery and lifestyle products. The brand is aimed at taking on the international market with its unique identity of catering to a wide spectrum of customers with its versatile products and price ranges.

Our ideology to deliver high quality requirements while maintaining a healthy customer relationship, underlines our core business process. Our product concepts are highly inspired by valued Indian as well as global elements that are dear to the masses. We aspire to derive distinct thoughts into our products that would appeal to our consumers on various levels.



The Jewellery line features 4 unique collections, each distinct, each unique, each beautiful!

Signature Collection


The classic Signature Collection is an extension of the wearer’s personality and aptly defines different characteristics and tastes with its outstanding designs.


Bandhan is the bond of eternal love and thus the Bandhan Collection signifies the everlasting eternity bond and the knots of relationships quite profoundly.

Bandhan Collection
Intrecci Collection


Intrecci is exploring the beauty of intricate designs. The jewellery line features highly individualistic designs with intricate design work for the woman who loves to experiment.


The Platinum Collection reveals the brilliancy of the astounding white metal with the jewellery.

Platinum Collection