A Dream come True.

Aishwarya is everybody’s dream come true. Some dream of prosperity, some of longevity, some of happiness. Still others aspire for security. Aishwarya is all these and more.

We have carried these aspirations with us through history. And with them, we have carried symbols that ensured that our dreams are fulfilled. Our infatuation with icons began when erstwhile kings embellished their crowns with the symbols that they wore to ensure prosperity, happiness and protection from enemies. These grew into auspicious tradition handed down through generations .

Aishwarya is a tribute to the traditional faith in symbols that has stood the test of time. A glittering acceptance of heritage. An auspicious union of symbols that grant the wearer the capacity to dream.

Aishwarya is glowing proof that symbols not only engender hope but ensure fulfillment.

Signature Collection