Dancing Diamond Collection – Bandhan

BANDHAN Dancing Diamond Collection

One of the most beautiful concepts comes here, the BANDHAN. Bandhan is a sweet knot that ties relationship. It’s a bridge where two individual step into one another’s life. That binds affection & love, relationship. The Bandhan collection is inspired from the surrounding relationship.




Infinite Love

Love is infinite. Introducing you the Infinite Love diamond earrings in which diamonds are studded on the bezel of the yellow gold earring and one diamond is dangling on the middle of the earring that it gives motion to that diamond.






BA032602 1 (d)




Love Drops

Love drops the most beautiful Jewellery includes pendent set which accompanying one pair of earrings and one pendant. Diamonds are studded on bezel of the gold earrings and pendant.









The Heart-in-Heart Earrings shape pendant in which a diamond is exquisitely studded on the bezel of the pendant and the chain of diamond is studded in the form of heart. one diamond in the middle which gives firing effect to the pendant where heart is made up of gold.








Solitaire Love

A Solitaire love simple pendant made up of Gold in which only one diamond is studded in the middle of the pendant which gives a beautiful look to the pendant. And it also defines the simplicity of the person.






BA033728 (2)



Sterling Love Eye

The sterling love eye pendent that made in such a way that it gives a look of an almond shape eye, A diamond studded eye in gold and whereas the middle diamond looks like a black eyeball.





Different variants in BANDHAN:

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